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Brodie CX returns on Sunday, October 28th, 2018

Brodie CX is back in 2018!
As the sponsoring club I hope you will help me spread the word. We will also be looking for volunteer help and will have a sign up sheet up shortly.

We are looking forward to having the club's own Farmington Valley Youth Cycling team help host the event with Benidorm Bikes/Eastern Bloc Cycling Club.

Stay turned for other new developments and if you are on social media, please share!

Calling all volunteers! I have set up a signup sheet for Brodie CX 2018. Please take a look and spread the link around.

This type of event is great exposure for our club. Last year all proceeds from the race were donated in EBCC's name to the New Hartford Neighbor to Neighbor Fund and the NWR7 athletic fund. I am hoping we can continue this tradition but we will need volunteers to make this happen.

Last year was warm and dry but the course this year is much wetter from all the rain. Should make for some epic racing right here in our backyard.

Please help spread the word.

Thanks, Pat

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I tried to access the signup page but got a message that the page does not exist. ?????

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Should be working now.

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I fixed the volunteer form link. I'll plan to spend the day taking photos of the event.


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Thanks Brent.

The form IS working now and I just signed up to volunteer

Hey folks, we are almost a week away from the event and could really use your help on race day. Of critical importance are the AM parking direction, afternoon registration and course marshalling.

The signup sheet can be found here:

It's a an exciting course this year that is focussed on the upper section of the park. I hope you can come out and help and watch the race in the process. The junior fields are getting pretty impressive in size and skill.


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I’m signed up to Volunteer Pat! Hopefully other folks are in town and can help. Start of a great tradition....and very local.

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I think Patricia and I are going to try to help out (and I'd like to race), is there a shift that I can do in the afternoon and still race the 12:30 Cat4/5 men? Course Repair 12:30-4:30?

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Certainly! We always need course Marshals.

Just looked at the volunteer sheet and it's almost completely full! Awesome, thanks everyone who signed up!!

Whew....... 6 days later I am finally getting my head above water on this and it's past due time for me to put out a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to Brodie to help with the race last weekend. The challenging weather conditions made for some awesome racing but very difficult set up conditions on both days. Our Saturday crew of Jeff Cote, Tom Wing, Matt Pagano, Jay Hamilton and Eric Landi spent the entire day with me in the pouring 40 degree rain putting down stakes, tape and clearing some last minute obstacles on the course. To say it was cold and raw is the essence of understatement. We also had Beth running around taking care of last minute errands for the prize bags, more printer toner, providing lunch for us, and anything else she realized I was forgetting. Jeff then took the sign in books home and he and Veronica put the finishing touches on the registration binders.

Sunday morning on race day is always a little chaotic with last minute details to the course, conferring with the officials and registration. We were fortunate to have the same chief ref as last year (Shaun Weigand) which was a big help. Shaun is a really good official and a pleasure to work with. We had worked out many of the details in the weeks headed in and by the time I caught up with him he had already walked the course and was ready to roll with his team. One thing we needed to do was redirect around the haunted swamp of death on the north end of the course as it had gone from a little squishy to completely impassable due to the feet of rain we had the day before. Fortunately Doug Tanner was right there and we were able to find a solution that kept the course interesting and fun.

I am a little hesitant to call out names here because there were so many people that helped get this race started and kept it going on Sunday. I and going to give a try and I will encourage everyone to correct if I miss a name.

Beth Saman - volunteer coordinator, and right hand (wo)man. Thanks for getting everyone to where we needed them, fielding questions when I was not to be found, and putting up with me all the previous week going into this.

Jan Tanner, Stephen Noell, Brian Barrett for handling the early morning parking crush.

Jeff and Veronica Cote, Andrea and Nicole Novotny for managing the Tsunami of early morning registrations.

Tim Wern and Eric Landi for finding creative ways to adapt and maintain the areas around the hall, staging and the Brodie green. One thing about CX, even when you have enough stakes, you never have enough stakes.

Course Marshals Scott Griswold, Al Blanchard, Dave Krayeski, Mark McCauley, Amanda Bedard, Doug Gerard, Patsy Klotz, Steve Koller, Jason Kasprzak.

Doug and Jan for morning and afternoon course repair.

Bryce, Collin and Peter for results running and official's lunch duties.

Natalie K for keeping the coffee, cider, cocoa station running.

Don Myers and Dave Hoyle for afternoon registration.

Monica and Ben Stokes for afternoon parking duties.

Stephen Noell, Jim Magennis, Chris Petron, Steve Koller, Mark McCauley, Eric Landi, Dave Hoyle, Beth Saman, for course and venue cleanup.

From all the feedback I have seen and heard the event was a success. It's takes a team effort to pull this off and it was great to see our club and others come together and make it happen. Still working on the closing details and will post again when we have our final donation numbers.


FYI - see the attached thank you letter for the donation made on behalf of EBCC to the New Hartford Neighbor to Neighbor fund. The $ amount represents all of the race proceeds. The club was fantastic in our level of support of the event and we can be proud of our combined efforts and the good that has come of it. To all Brodie CX volunteers, another hardy thank you for making the event and the donation possible.


Thank you letter