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Brodie Cross - Volunteer Party

Hi folks, The Brodie CX dust is settling (literally thanks to the rain) and I am wrapping up the final details. Financially the event was a success. My goal was to cover costs and donate any remaining proceeds to local charities (EBCC is a non profit after all). I am happy to say that we will be able to do both.

As I mentioned in my recap post the event success was due in very large part to the people that came out to help. I will be planning a volunteer celebration party to happen in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for your email invitation with date time and location.


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Great work!Donating to the worthy causes can benefit to the givers as much as the receivers. That gives happiness to both the sides, so it is a worthy cause to help needy people. I remember my uncle also engaged with such charity donation program for helping the humanity. He recently visited to Benin through registering on this site in volunteering program for helping the needy people and donated some school supplies for the students living in Benin for helping them.