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2019 Tour of the Litchfield Hills, August 4th

Looking for volunteers for the 16th TOTLH on Sunday August 4th!

EBCC will once again be running the Lower Road rest stop in Canaan this year. We will need a morning and an afternoon shift and we would like to have 2-3 people per shift.

This is a great opportunity for our club to demonstrate our commitment to the cycling community all the while supporting the worthy cause of the Cancer Care Fund of the Litchfield Hills.

Any volunteers for the post event clean up at Coe Park around 4PM will be greatly appreciated. EBBC members have been a critical component of this many years now and the organizers are grateful for our support.

So comment here if you can volunteer for one of the slots below and I will update the thread when I see your post.

Note: There have been some route changes in 2019. Check the website below for updates:

TOTLH website

The TOTLH supports the following:

Cancer Care Fund of the Litchfield Hills

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Volunteers:

EBCC Canaan Rest Area morning shift (9-12:30)

  1. John

  2. Janet

  3. Gina

  4. Janelle

EBCC Canaan Rest Area afternoon shift (12:30-4)

  1. Maria

  2. Doug

  3. Walt

Post event cleanup (4PM)

  1. Beth

  2. Pat

  3. Chris

  4. Ron

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Pat, I will not be doing the Canaan rest stop this year. Don

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Don, Thanks for all of the previous years that you and your crew helped out. Pat

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Pat, two of the most important changes I made to service at the rest stop were: 1) Cut the sandwiches in half and have extra sandwich baggies for them. Not enough sandwiches if we don’t, and most people were just tossing the sandwich after a few bites. 2) Watermelons!!!! Bonnie Smith bought them 2 years ago, and I bought them last year (our contributions to the cause) You’ll need at least 8 whole large melons for the day; more if it is hot. You’ll need a big knife and chopping board to cut them. They were a big hit and especially welcome to those in the early “bonk” stage. Good luck with the new hosts, Don

Pat & Don, Janet Cooper & I will step up to do the morning shift. With that being said, I could pu the watermelons & bring a knife & board. Is there a meeting we need to attend for this? Please let us know.

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Awesome John! Thank you and Janet! No meeting necessary. All supplies, table and tent will be brought to the spot at the Beekley Furnace by the SAG vans. You may want to bring some folding chairs. I'll txt you if any additional details come up.


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Maria and I are planning to help with the afternoon shift. Maria is doing the 4 mile walk at 10:15AM and I'll be doing the 55 mile ride (leaving before 8AM.) We should be finished by noon, grab a quick bite to eat and head on up to Canaan.

Doug and Maria Gerard

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You will need 3-4 hosts total for the morning session when it gets busy. You'll also need an extra table and a platter or large bowl for the watermelon slices. Staff will drop off garbage bags, but we always had problems keeping them open so stuff gets dropped in. Perhaps a leaf bag holder will work just as well for waste as it does for leaves. Have FUN!

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Thank you Maria and Doug!

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Pat, Doug, and Maria. I'll be there for the afternoon shift. Will be riding from home and doing a modified 100 route that will give me 80 miles at the Rest Stop. Pat, will work with you to get a chair and bag of clothes dropped off at the Rest Stop.
Will be leaving home at 6:15 if anyone wants to join.


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I can get over at 4:00 to help clean up again. Chris

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Thanks Chris!

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Roger that Walt. We can meet up Sat to get your post ride stuff. I usually grab a van to help route sweep and pack up the rest area so I'll be able to get you back to the park. If you need a ride back to NH from there both Beth and I will have cars at Coe Park.

We have two volunteers, if needed for Sunday morning. Gina and Janelle can help out. The best way to confirm is to send her a text or call her at 860-965-2061

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Will do Jim. I am sure John and Janet will appreciate the help.



Big shout out to all of our EBCC TOTLH volunteers yesterday! This club makes the Canaan rest stop #1 on the list and the many comments from the riders prove it.

The early reports indicate that 16th TOTLH this was a record breaking year with over $122,000 raised!!!! All of the funds go directly into the Cancer Care of the Litchfield Fund (see details here: CCLH )

Quoting our event director Matt Pagano, "What you’ve done by your sponsorship, donation, or participation is improve the lives of your neighbors as they fight the fight of their lives. You’ve allowed them to focus on getting well and not on some of the incidental obstacles placed before them…you’ve allowed them to pursue LIFE! We thank you for it!"

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