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2017 Tour of the Litchfield Hills, Aug 6th

It's TOTLH time again! The Tour will be held on August 6th this year and once again EBCC will be hosting the hippest and most happening rest stop of the event. Our club is looking for volunteers to support the riders at the Canaan rest stop by the old charcoal furnace on Lower Road. As usual we will be running a morning and afternoon shift. If you have any teen family members that are looking for volunteer hours for public service the Tour can provide a letter of confirmation.

We have also been, for the last several years, the club that provides a huge level of support during the afternoon breakdown effort at Coe Park. You may recall me mentioning at some time in the last 12 years that Tour crew begins at 4:30AM setting up and then we have to break it all down haul it away in the afternoon. Breakdown is when we need the most help after a long day and EBBC volunteers have been tremendous with this.

So comment here if you can volunteer for one of the slots below and I will update the thread when I see your post. Lastly, if you are unaware of the TOTLH and the great things this all-volunteer organization has done here is the link to the Tour website and our benefactor, the Center for Cancer Care fund.

Tour of the Litchfield Hills

Center for Cancer Care Fund

Thanks, Pat


EBCC Canaan Rest Area morning shift (9-12:30)

  1. Don

  2. Cheryl

  3. Bonnie

EBCC Canaan Rest Area afternoon shift (12:30-4)

  1. Chuck Brody

  2. Pat Cunningham

  3. Connie Carpenter

Post event cleanup (4PM)

  1. Pat Cunningham

  2. Eric Landi

  3. Beth Saman

  4. Jamie Streeter

  5. John T

  6. Janet

  7. Steve Koller

Add Connie Carpenter to the morning shift in Canaan

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Thanks Don and Connie!

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Cheryl Lee will be going us for the morning session @ the rest stop. D

Bonnie Smith will also be joining us for the morning shift @ Beckly Furnace so the morning shift is now complete.

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AM shift all updated. Thanks you guys!

I'm in for P.M. Cleanup and breakdown as always.


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Awesome! Thanks Eric!

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You can add me to the afternoon shift at the Canaan Rest Area. I'm thinking of riding the 30 mile route to leave enough time to get back and man the station - does this sound like it would work? I will be registering on the event day.

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Chuck, That would be great! Thanks for volunteering. I may be driving up to the rest area after completing the ride also to join you so there will at least be two of us.

Last minute push! We could really use another person or two in Canaan for the afternoon slot. If you are riding in the morning, why not take a trip up to Canaan in the afternoon to help Chuck and me keep the riders fed and hydrated?


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I can help clean up at 4.

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Thanks Jamie!

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Pat, I will be planning to assist with the cleanup! Looking forward to us all having Great rides!

Great day yesterday! Probably the best weather we have had in 10 years for the Tour.

Many thanks to all of the EBCC volunteers, including:

Doug and Jan for their mechanical services at Coe Park.

Don, Bonnie, Cheryl, Connie, and Chuck for supporting the EBCC Canaan rest stop, as well as providing the watermelon slices many of us enjoyed! By the way, the Canaan crew has donated a large Coleman cooler to the club which will come in very handy at our spring dinner and fall picnic events.

Steve, Beth, Eric, Jaime, John and Janet for the clean up help. Please help me out is I missed anyone who helped before I arrived back at the park. It was a late evening for these intrepid volunteers. After loading the truck and cleaning up the park this crew patiently waited until the our truck driver returned. The driver was still out on the road in a support van making sure the last of the riders made it back. When he returned the crew headed for Charlotte Hungerford and unloaded everything into the warehouse. By the time we were done it was close to 7PM.

If you see any of these folks on your next group ride, please offer them your thanks. Events like this do not happen without the volunteers!